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Firepits UK

Firepits UK Plain Jane 90 Firepit with 3 Swing Arm BBQ Racks British Steel

Firepits UK Plain Jane 90 Firepit with 3 Swing Arm BBQ Racks British Steel

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Shipping & Returns

All fire pits, pizza ovens and outdoor kitchens by Firepits UK are made by hand in their Monmouthshire workshop so please consider the delivery time when placing your order.

Fire pits, pizza ovens and outdoor kitchens – within 2 weeks from the date of your order.

Warranty Information

Any faulty items will be exchanged without cost to the customer.

Care Instructions

Your fire pit will develop an even rusty patina. This will not affect its use or longevity but if you like, you can clean it up with a wire brush and then rub over oil such as WD40.

A lid will protect the bowl and keeps the base of ash and burnt wood dry for use next time. It also works as a snuffer to safely extinguish the fire and a table top when not in use.

If you don’t have a lid, clean out your fire pit after use and make sure the raised disc in the bottom of the bowl is clear of ash etc

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About this Fire Pit

**Free Essential Items: Firepits UK Black BBQ Gloves & Fire Pit Paddle together worth £45!**

Fire pits designed with a unique Swing Arm BBQ Rack, which provide greater control when cooking over wood. The Swing Arms are removable and interchangeable, making these designs ideal for cooking and warmth.

Plain Jane 90 with 3 Swing Arm BBQ Racks Fire Pit

The Plain Jane 90 with Swing Arm BBQ Racks Fire Pit is a perfect choice for both ember gazers and chefs alike! The Swing Arms offer a unique combination of a grill and a plate, providing exceptional flexibility in cooking options. With the ability to move food on and off the heat instantly, it allows for convenient and precise cooking. Moreover, the design provides easy access to the fire, allowing you to refuel effortlessly and control the heat according to your preferences. The Swing Arms are fully removable, and their lugs can be utilized for other accessories, such as the Hanging Arm with Hook.

Accessorize Your Fire Pit

For an enhanced cooking experience, Firepits UK have designed the Up-Down Swing Arm BBQ Rack, offering ultimate versatility by allowing you to adjust the height for maximum cooking control. Explore the Firepits UK Accessories section on our website to find a range of useful extras for cooking over and managing your fire. Choose from practical accessories like the Fire Pit BBQ Gloves or the Ash Rake, ideal for moving hot embers to facilitate cooking.

Maintaining Your Fire Pit

Please note that all Firepits UK fire pits, lids, and accessories are designed to begin rusting immediately and will not maintain their black finish. However, this will not affect their long-term durability. As each fire pit is handmade from sheet steel with naturally occurring blemishes, there may be slight variations in forging and finish. 








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