In exchange for every product you buy from us, we'll plant 3 trees through the The Good API and Eden Reforestation Project. These trees are planted in Mozambique, a country where more than 8 million hectares of forest has been destroyed. The predominant reasons for this is cyclones, floods, cutting down trees for firewood and charcoal, clearing large areas for farmland and commercial logging. 

Evergreen Chef Plant a Tree

Our aim is to repair as much damage as we can and move forward with the vision of creating a sustainable practice in outdoor cooking for all our customers.

Being just a small company we need the help of new and existing customers to support our growth and development in sustainability. We're aware that burning any fuel outdoors can add carbon to the atmosphere, which is why we only work with suppliers that source their wood from sustainable woodlands. We also want to go another step further by planting trees every time our customers buy a product from us, helping to actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

The Evergreen Chef offices runs with net zero carbon emissions and prioritizes busy periods of working during times when the power grid is distributing more renewable energy from our supplier. We are also a zero paper company and pride ourselves on being completely digital within our offices.

Evergreen Chef Renewable Energy

If you have any feedback for us or suggestions on how we can better ourselves moving forward we would love to hear from you! Get in touch using our Contact Us page today.