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Firepits UK Asado Doble British Steel

Firepits UK Asado Doble British Steel

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About this Asado Grill

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Immerse yourself in the rich barbecuing heritage of South America with the Firepits UK Asado Doble BBQ grills. Elegantly crafted, the Asado Doble boasts a rotisserie, dual height-adjustable floating grills, and a pair of free-standing shelves for your culinary endeavours.

A la parrilla grilling, intrinsic to South American traditions, focuses on harnessing the smoky essence of fire embers. Simply fill the fire basket with logs, and as the embers descend onto the fire bricks, glide them over to the grill to start the magic.

What sets the Asado Doble apart are its two floating grills, meticulously designed for variable height placement. Whether you desire a close proximity to the embers for a rich sear or prefer cooking aloft, away from direct heat, customization is seamless. Additionally, nestled between the fire basket and floating grills is a rotisserie, perfect for achieving an even roast.

But the marvel doesn't stop there. The overhead smoking cage, apart from its striking appearance, is a testament to functionality. Use the elevated grill to keep your veggies warm or to bestow a smoky charm upon your cheeses.

With the Asado Doble BBQ, you're not just preparing food; you're crafting memories, embracing a storied tradition, and elevating every meal into a South American fiesta.

  • Two height adjustable grills
  • Fire basket
  • Hanging Shelf
  • Rotisserie
  • Two free standing grills
  • Log store

Material: 3mm British Steel

Width: 150cm

Depth: 74cm

Height: 188cm

Weight: 209kgs

All fire pits, pizza ovens and outdoor kitchens by Firepits UK are made by hand in their Monmouthshire workshop so please consider the delivery time when placing your order.

Fire pits, pizza ovens and outdoor kitchens – within 2 weeks from the date of your order.

Any faulty items will be exchanged without cost to the customer.

Remember after cleaning your grill to oil it with cooking oil.

Please note: All the Firepits UK fire pits, lids, and accessories will develop a rust patina over time and won't retain their initial black finish. However, this transformation won't compromise their enduring durability. Due to the handmade nature of the fire pits, crafted from sheet steel that naturally exhibits slight imperfections, you might encounter subtle variations in forging and finishing. 


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Discover the ever-evolving charm of Firepits UK products. As time passes, each item develops a unique rust patina, replacing the original black finish with a rustic, natural beauty without compromising its lasting durability. It's not just a purchase; it's an investment in a piece that matures gracefully with age.

Please allow up to two weeks for the crafting and delivery of your unique, hand-made item. Experience the joy of handcrafted excellence, every fire pit, pizza oven, and outdoor kitchen is meticulously crafted in the Firepits UK Monmouthshire workshop.

  • Made in the UK

    They take great pride in crafting the finest fire pits in their dedicated workshop located in Monmouthshire, South Wales. Fire Pits UK remains true to its roots, embodying a tradition of excellence and authenticity.

  • High Quality British Steel

    Made with high-quality British steel, built to endure for over a decade. Sourced locally to minimize emissions and championing recycling in production, Fire Pits UK offers you a sustainable choice that promises longevity.

  • Original Designs

    Unique features like the Swing Arm BBQ Rack, are designed to offer you both warmth and a superior outdoor cooking experience. Fire Pits UK combines practicality with aesthetics, offering designs to meet your precise needs.


Firepits UK minimize emissions in their production chain, recycling steel remnants and using minimal and recyclable packaging. Their long-lasting fire pits, untreated and free of detergents, are 100% recyclable.

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